Sunday, November 16, 2008


I feel the need to spend a little bit of time talking about my Avery. Yes, a lot of times you will see the two of us "butting heads." She is my fiercely strong-willed child with a headstrong determination to have things the way that she wants them. She is wildly creative! She loves playing dress up and telling stories about horses and princesses. As I've talked about before, she has that great balance of wanting to be outside and into everything with her daddy and then come in and dress up and be girly. She is crazy about drawing. She will erase something 20 times until she has it just the way she wants it. She is so bright and is asking me all of the time how to spell things. She has even started sounding out some words and writing them. She is extremely loving and affectionate. She is a wonderful big sister and is loving teaching Addison things and "reading" to her. She is so silly and her laugh is infectious. Avery has been so inquisitive about things lately. Always asking why and how. I can't believe that she is going to be in kindergarten next year. She will always be my little girl no matter how old she gets. I think of the book I'll Love You Forever, as the mother talks about holding her child in her arms no matter their age. Avery often says, "Mommy, I want you to snuggle with me." As I do with my mom, still today, I hope my beautiful child will always feel drawn to come and snuggle with her mommy even when she is a mother herself.