Sunday, June 1, 2008

10 Reasons

It's got to be difficult being the only man in a house of three girls. Even our dog is a female. I'm sure he feels like he is being pulled in several different directions all of the time. He is a wonderful father and a terrific husband. Here are just a few of the reasons that make him so great:
1) He lets Avery paint his toenails (picture).
2) He will go to Wal-Mart, no matter how late it is, to get something that I should have remembered to get. Tonight, he went to get Infant Tylenol for Addison. She has her two month shots tomorrow.
3) He cleans better than I do.
4) He can create anything. We currently have a contraption on the bathroom light switch so that Avery can turn the light on and off.
5) He can fix anything - the washer, our vehicles, the lawn mower, my jewelry, a squeeky swing, etc.
6) He says the words, "What can I do to help?".
7) He gives me compliments all of the time.
8) He watches Grey's Anatomy with me.
9) He keeps a garden and works so hard in it so that we have wonderful fruit and vegetables that last all year long.
10) He makes me laugh and when he does, it seems like we are two giggly teenagers again.