Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lots of Laughs!

All of the family was sitting on the swing (don't you wish you had a dollar for every time I mentioned the swing :). I was in the middle holding Addison up on my knees and her daddy and Avery were on either side of me. Every single one of us were trying to make her laugh. We were all making silly faces and talking that ridiculous baby talk. She was laughing and smiling so much. She kept looking back and forth at each one of us. We were all competing to see who could make her laugh the most. After a while it was like she was saying, "O.k., now show me whatcha got." We were all laughing - laughing at her, and laughing at each other!

Like Father Like Daughter

One of the MANY things that I love about Avery is that she loves to wear dresses, have her hair fixed, dress up in princess clothes, and have her toenails painted; AND she also loves to play outside, get dirty, ride the four wheeler, poke at worms, and ride her Barbie Jeep. She's a wonderful mix of girly girl and outdoor girl! Last night, she decided to help her daddy wash the four wheeler. She really got a kick out of spraying the water and sticking her hands and arms WAY DOWN in the soapy bucket to get the wash rag. She decided that she her Barbie Jeep needed a cleaning too. By the time she was finished with the ATV and Jeep wash, she was soaked from head to toe!