Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Our Horse Girl

Everyone who knows Avery is very aware of the fact that she loves horses - I mean REALLY LOVES HORSES! She began falling in love with them when she was about a year and a half old. She called them "hoewees." So, for her second birthday, her daddy arranged for horses to be brought to our house and give the kids rides. She was amazed! We recently cleaned out Avery's toybox and discovered 57 horses of various sizes and colors. Because her toybox is overflowing, we decided to buy her one of those large, plastic, drawered carts to go in her room - just for her horses. Those horses join her 15 stuffed horses, large Butterscotch Pony that moves, neighs snorts, swishes its tail, chews on a carrot and swishes its' tail, approximately 30 horse books, a large plastic horse about 2 feet tall, her horse bedspread and pillows, her fabulous horse mural on her wall, and her horse lamp. Everywhere we go, she points out horses. She absolutely loves them. She can never get enough! Today, we went to the library and they were having a Scholastic Book Fair. Guess what she found? Two horse books! She looked at them all the way home and was so excited to tell me about what the books had in them. Whenever I say something about going to someone's house that she doesn't know or if I tell her about someone new, she always asks, "Do they have horses?" Every once in a while, she will (out of the blue) say, "We really need a real live horse." We always agree with her.