Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sleeping Angels

Oh, the joys of two children asleep at the same time! We are always on the go and stay so busy whenever we are at home. Our week consists of Mondays - major laundry day and just hanging out at home, Tuesdays - library time and then to eat with friends, Wednesdays - gymnastics, Thursdays - playdate with kids from church, Fridays - last Friday was pizza day and I hope this tradition continues! Whenever my precious little ones are asleep at the same time, this is my time to do extra cleaning (lucky me!), make grocery lists, clean off the deck, do more laundry, straighten my girls' rooms, check e-mails, update blog, read a book or magazine, hunt for new recipes, talk on the phone, plan for supper, and sometimes, if I'm lucky, take a nap myself. ***For those of you that read our blog on a regular basis, the picture is of the very famous swing.