Sunday, August 31, 2008

Avery's 4th birthday!

Avery had her 4th birthday party at Jumping With Joy in Paragould. All of the kids and parents (especially Amy Reed who braved the slide with Berkley) had so much fun. Avery loved being around all of her friends and family who came to help her celebrate her big day. I can't believe our little girl has turned four. It seems like yesterday that I was . . . looking into her eyes for the first time whenever they placed her in a tightly wrapped blanket by my head in the hospital, watching her take her first steps, hearing her say "momma" for the first time, even better - hearing her say, "I love you, momma!" for the first time, watching her being so independent in her first year of preschool and now she seems so grown up. Now she is a beautiful, entertaining, dancing, horse loving, big sister, with a huge amount of determination and a very strong will who is so brave, so loving and so smart. No matter how big you are, Avery, you will ALWAYS be my little girl! I will cherish every minute of our walk together along the way!