Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sweet and Funny Words

Avery has been known to say some pretty funny and out-there things. Here are some recent ones:

When talking to her Nana - "Nana, I can't come and stay with you now because I am a kid and I need to stay with my mom and dad. When I am a parent, I will come and stay with you. That way, you won't be lonely."

Yesterday, I had a ton of raffia laid out to use for VBS. She laid down in it with her baby doll and said, "Look, Mom! I'm Mary."

Whenever she was talking to her dad on the phone while we were visiting Nana, her daddy was telling her how much he missed her and was ready for her to come home. I knew that she was having fun, and although she missed her daddy, was not ready to go home. So she offered him this, "Daddy, you'll be in my heart."

Recently, when her nose was stopped up she proclaimed, "Momma, I need you to pray for my nose. It's stopped up!"

Whenever she talks about going and seeing Carrie Underwood she says, "Momma, I can't wait to go and see Carrie Hoodwonder!"