Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Garden Fresh

Another wonderful thing about my husband, Joe, that some people may not know is that he is a terrific gardener! We have a large garden with 5 rows of corn, 2 rows of squash, 1 row of tomatoes, 1 row of various types of peppers, and 2 rows of cantaloupe. Joe plants, hoes, tills, waters, and picks the garden all by himself this year -- with a little help from Avery. With Addison being 3 months old, I am no help at all. Last night, we had our first harvest of the season. I tell ya, there is nothing like fresh corn! Avery LOVES it! Along with the corn, my amazing husband also cooked fried green tomatoes, baked squash, and grilled pork chops. It was a fantastic meal. We sat outside on the deck and feasted on our home grown (sans the pig) meal.