Friday, July 18, 2008

Fun at Nana's

Avery, Addison and I spent the week with my mom (Nana) in Searcy. Avery loves her nana so much and was so excited to spend some time with her at her house (Nana usually comes and spends time at our house). This was Addison's first trip to Nana's so there was a lot for her to see and take in. **My mom had a large tub of dress up clothes all ready for Avery to try on. Of course, that's one of the first things that she did. She also had fun piling all of the clothes on my mom's friend, Daniel. He sit very still as Avery covered him completely up with silk scarfs, skirts, princess clothes and dresses. Avery thought this was the neatest thing to do! **Avery's cousin, Hailey, came over to play and the girls had a fun time posing for the camera. **As you know, Avery loves swimming and water, so she was very excited to put on her bathing suit and play in the little pool. She also was able to play with bubbles - giant bubbles! **I remember playing with sidewalk chalk when I was younger. I loved it! Avery does too! She had fun writing her name with different colors of chalk. **Just like at home, Addison loved swinging in Nana's swing. **I love playing Scrabble. Mom and I stayed up after the girls had gone to bed and had a friendly little game. We get pretty competitive. I have to brag on myself. Mom made the word "round" and I added a "g" to the beginning and an "s" to the end to make "grounds." The "g" and the "s" both feel on double word score so I was able to make 36 points by using only 2 letters!