Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Early Birthday, Avery!

Avery's birthday is August 25th. She will be the big 4! We are so excited! Joe has been talking about getting Avery her own four-wheeler for quite some time now. He decided a few weeks ago that her 4th birthday would be the perfect opportunity to get her one. Her researched several different kinds online and finally decided on a Kawasaki 50. I was really wanting to get her a green one (they didn't have pink) so I was thrilled whenever Joe brought it home the other day and discovered I had gotten my wish. Now to see if Avery liked it. She came home from her Nana's today and Joe was chompin' at the bit to give it to her. There is no way that he could've waited until the 25th to give it to her. So, whenever we were all ready, I armed myself with the camera and we all went outside and waited for Avery to see her birthday present. As you can tell by the video (hopefully coming soon), she was pretty excited. Joe and I were so excited as we watched her eagerness to ride it and learn all about it. Of course, Joe had to tell her numerous times to slow down. I rode on the back with her which was really strange having my almost 4 year old as my chauffeur! Addison and I loved watching big sis and daddy riding four-wheelers together! Now, all we need to complete the picture is a helmet. Yes, all you safety people out there in blogger land - she will have one soon!