Monday, July 27, 2009

A Nana Visit

Last week, we finally got to visit my mom at her house for the first time this summer. It seems that mom is always making the journey to our house (which is much easier on our kiddos). We had such a good time. Addison loved exploring (destroying) Nana's house and Avery had fun getting out jewelry and playing dress up!

Following in her big sis' foot steps, Addison watched Avery for a few minutes on this magical unicorn and then gave it a go herself.

Early morning snuggle time!
Both of the girls love jumping on Nana's trampoline! I jumped on it when I was younger!

We love popsicles in the summer! I think Addison had a brain freeze!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Reader!

I'm following orders given this morning and updating our blog! I know, I know! I SHOULD have all this extra time on my hands since it's summer. Right! I'm taking naps this summer and didn't last. It's an age defying thing. ANWAY, our little Addison has become quite the "reader." Maybe a better term for it is "book getter." She's always let me read to her, but this past week, she began bringing me books and crawling into my lap. LOVE IT! Most of the time, she will wait patiently for short books. If I tend to get long winded, she's outta there. I was letting her crawl around on my bed the other day and what did she find? A Twilight book! She's got good taste in books!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Little Climber

It seems like just yesterday that our little Addison (or AJ as we so lovingly refer to her) was a baby just learning to crawl. However, times have changed and our "little one" has perfected the art of walking and baby running and is now on to more difficult tasks . . . CLIMBING! If there is something that she can hoist herself up on, she is climbing to the highest point possible. She loves getting into her big sister's folding chair, placing it by the couch and climbing over! We have a sectional and she practically runs on it. It makes her daddy's heart skip beats.She is so daring and it makes him so nervous! AJ just looks at us a smiles this huge grin as if to say, "I know I'm making you anxious, but this is SO FUN!" Sounds like someone is going to be like their big sister! Mommy and Daddy have years of worry ahead!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Matchy Matchy

Here are our "matchy, matchy" girls! This is one of my favorite Amy B. sayings (matchy matchy). Before Addison was born, I swore I would never dress our girls alike. I would see sisters dressed alike (again, Amy B.) and think, "That's cute, but that's not me." To my surprise, when Addison was about 6 months old, I found myself shopping for matching outfits! I have to blame it on Avery because she was the one who always asked if her dress that I picked out for her on Sunday would match anything that Addison had. How could I tell her that I would never dress them alike. So, as with numerous other things (picking a pacifier off the floor and shoving it in my baby's mouth after a quick wipe, allowing my child to eat paper, having a messy house, ignoring something so that I wouldn't have to discipline, etc.) I find myself doing something that I said that I would never do . . . before I had children.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Where has the time gone?

It seems like just yesterday that Addison was born. Now, she is nine months old! She is changing so quickly every day. She has had two teeth come in over Christmas break which brings the grand total to four. Her teeth always have a buddy. When one begins to break through the gums, the one beside it comes through a couple of days later. She is more interested in regular food now instead of baby food. The other day, she loved gnawing on this apple. Last night, she went to town on the crust of a pizza. She refuses to crawl, only pulls herself around anywhere she needs to go. Addison has gotten really good at pushing herself up to sit. She accomplished that over the break too! She would rather stand though, and has been letting go and keeping her balance for a small amount of time. She loves saying "da da," "momma,"and "bye bye." Yesterday, she even started saying, "nuh," probably derived from the "no!" that I have had to say several times when she chomps down on me. My favorite thing is when she claps. Whatever it is about, she seems so joyful and excited about it!