Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Hollow

Long time, no blog. I know, I know! A few weeks ago, the Collins Family made the long (and I mean long with a 4 year old and a baby!) journey to St. Francis to partake in the Pumpkin Hollow experience once again. This was my 10th visit (love school field trips!), Joe and Avery's 3rd, and Addison and Nana's 1st! It was a fabulous day and we all had a really good time. Avery, of course, was eager to ride the horses, but thought that the ride was much too short. I agree. For $5, I expected at least 5 minutes. She also got to feed a miniature pony along with the goats.
Addison was carried around the whole time in one of those baby papoose things. She really enjoyed it and it was easy for me too! She enjoyed watching her big sis on the little tractor "train" ride while she feasted on a big helping of carrots. My favorite part of the whole day, was watching Avery chase the pigs during the pig scramble. It's fun taking these traditional trips every year with the family.