Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Wish Come True

Avery's Christmas wish came true! Santa brought Avery her very own pony! Actually, this has been Avery's wish for some time now. She always says, "I wish I had my very own pony." When we ask her where we would put one, she always replies, "On the deck!" With the help of our Ms. Heather, (By help, we really mean Heather did all of the work and coordination. We just fit the bill.) Avery was finally able to have a very sweet, very broken, very gentle pony named Baby. She had no idea what the apple was for that Santa left her under the tree. After we opened all of the presents Christmas morning, we all went outside and surprised Avery with her pony. Of course, Avery cried when Baby had to be taken to the barn to stay, but will be visiting her often. I believe Baby will be able to be in some horse shows pretty soon!